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Moving Bioloid arms with a Kinect

Video of my project.
On one side I obtain the data of the Skeleton of the user using OSCeleton.
On the other side I have my application programmed in Python where I parse the coordinates of the different joints obtained via OSCeleton (using the OSC protocol, parsing with SimpleOSC). This same application simulates the Bioloid and calculates the inverse kinematics so I am able to position the motors. For making the simulation I used VPython.

Thanks to this project I’ve learned a lot about robotics, inverse kinematics, python I wanted to learn python for this project), OSC protocol and I re-learned a lot of geometry and trigonometry.

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Installing OSCeleton Sensebloom in Windows 7 64 bits

To install OSCeleton you must follow the steps that you can find at SensorKinect but they don’t mention a couple of details:

-You must install the 32 bit version of OpenNI and NITE because SensorKinect does not have a 64bit version and it does not recognize the 64 bits of them installed.

-You must go to environment variables (Control Panel\System and security\System, left, advanced system settings, down you find EnvironmentVariables) and modify the register OPEN_NI_BIN so it contains: C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenNI\Bin (for me), the difference is that it said “bin” and not “Bin” in my default installation so it does not find the binaries. If you don’t make this change when you try to execute some demo you will get: “OpenNI library can’t find any module!”.

Found the solution in this thread,

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Drawing a histogram of an image with OpenCV

I needed to do a histogram of the depth image of Kinect so here I leave the code for me and anyone that could give it some use. This can be used in C and in C++. (I use OpenCV 2.1)

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Playing with the Kinect

With the objective of learning a bit of OpenCV and about Kinect I’ve coded a little app that lets you choose from what distance you want to see until what distance you want to see with a two trackbars. And you can choose the quantity of times you want to repeat the color scale to represent the distance too.
Here you have a screenshot, in another post I’ll attach the commented code.
Click to see it full.

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Kinect with OpenCV first contact!

After fighting all day with it I’ve got the basic stuff with Kinect, getting the RGB image and the Depth image and show them in real time.

For doing it I wanted to use OpenCV and the libfreenect driver. I’ve been able to do it thanks to the example of thats posted on here.

My code looks like this:

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Try Kinect apps without a Kinect thanks to Fakenect

I’m waiting to get my hands onto a Kinect and while this happens Fakenect from Brandyn White has appeared that can help us to put an eye over the scene.

The instructions to be able to run (for example) the glview demo (I do it on Ubuntu) are:

1) Install the libraries that we'll use for OpenKinect (libfreenect): libusb-1.0 >= 1.0.3, Cmake >= 2.6, OpenGL:
sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-dev freeglut3-dev libxmu-dev libxi-dev cmake

2) Clone the repository of the project with git to our pc: (if you don't have git: sudo apt-get install git-core)
git clone OpenKinect
(It will create a directory called OpenKinect where you are).

3) Create a directory where to compile and build:
cd OpenKinect
mkdir build

4) Use cmake and compile:
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

5) Now we need a Kinect capture (someone can make one for you if he has a Kinect and the tool "record" from the utils directory) we can use the capture of the Fakenect creator: download from here. Extract it somewhere, I did in: /home/sam/git/legos0

6) Now we can execute glview with the next line (with your FAKENECT_PATH) (you need to use all the line, dunno why, someone knows why?):
LD_PRELOAD="/usr/local/lib/fakenect/" FAKENECT_PATH="/home/sam/git/legos0" ./bin/glview

Here you have a screenshot of it working:

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Reverse engineering Kinect!

From reddit/r/programming I found this VERY interesting article about how to reverse engineer USB devices. They use as an example the motor of the Kinect. Its pretty well explained and they use python as example language.

Link to the article at!

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3D Video Capture with Kinect

I have no words…

More info about its autor and his proyect (not much atm, but he says he will update it ASAP) at Oliver Kreylos.

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Kinect OpenSource Driver!

I reblog (a bit late probably) that there is already an OpenSource driver for Kinect, that thing of the XBOX360 for playing without controller… but that has a lot of possibilities in other areas like robotics.

Here you can watch a video of his autor:

Here you can find an interview (in spanish) with Héctor Martin Cantero, the autor of this publication:

And here is the web of the project.

I want to play with it!!

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