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Installing WeTab on a ExoPC

Steps to install WeTab (SO based in MeeGo) on a ExoPC (we need an USB keyboard!):

Download the SO image at this link, this is the official torrent: Torrent (1GB).

Load the image in a pendrive, to do that we can follow the instructions of meego, I used the Windows option:

1.Download win32imagewriter
2.Extract and open the app.
3.Select the cd of MeeGo image (if you don’t see it, rename the image with the extension .img) and select the pendrive unit.
4.Click Write.

Stick in the pendrive and select to boot from the USB (hit F11 with the keyboard or touch on the BBS option in the first screen of the ExoPC).

In the recovery of WeTab screen we will need to hit Control+Alt+F3 to get into the console. The login & password are: “root” and “wetab”.

The next step is to execute the next command: silent_installer /mnt/live/system.tar.bz2

It will be 5-10minutes of installation. When it finishes write reboot and in the next boot, we will be at the WeTab installation.

I’m waiting for the install to end, it needs to download a lot of updates (it says 45min at least!). I’ll write about what I think soon!


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First contact with Meego in a ExoPC Slate

First of all I must thank Intel for the oportunity of going to their AppLab.
In this lab we got introduced to MeeGo and to AppUp, they showed us how to program a couple of simple apps with their SDK 1.2 and we got an ExoPC with MeeGo to develop on the device.
This post is dedicated to the ExoPC with MeeGo and to the first impressions it gives to me.

Lets start with the hardware of ExoPC Slate, the fabricant fabricant web says this tablet has:

-Multitouch capacitative screen of 11,6 inches (1366×768).
-Intel Atom Pineview-M N450 1.66 GHz – 64 bit support
-Intel GMA 3150 BROADCOM Crystal HD 1080p
-Webcam 1.3MP
Weights 950g and is 295 x 195 x 14.0 mm.
For more data: fabricant web.

The tablet (has only one button).

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