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Reverse engineering Kinect!

From reddit/r/programming I found this VERY interesting article about how to reverse engineer USB devices. They use as an example the motor of the Kinect. Its pretty well explained and they use python as example language.

Link to the article at!

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How to install Windows XP from a USB pendrive

A friend asked me how to install Windows XP on a netbook as it does not have CD drive so the easiest workaround is installing it from an USB pendrive. So, after googling a bit, we found at this article wich I’m copying-resuming here for our use in the future.

To start we will need:
A USB memory where our Windows XP fits (1GB+).
A Windows XP CD or ISO.
The computer where we want to install the SO wich will need to be able to boot from an USB stick (like any computer that is less than 4 years old aprox).
The software WinSetupFromUSB.

You can find WinSetupFromUSB in this thread:
Direct links for the last version (0.2.3):

Lets continue…

Now you’ll need to install WinSetupFromUSB.
When its installed follow the next steps:

These are the 6 steps that you should follow (shown in the image) :
Step 1: Insert the CD of Windows XP in the CD drive of your PC or load the ISO from your favorite software (daemontools for example), then make click in Browse.
Step 2: Choose the route in the Window that will pop
Step 3: Choose the CD Drive or virtual disk where the ISO is and click OK
Step 4: Click Refresh and click the little arrow at the left and choose the USB stick that you are using
Step 5: Mark the field Fixed of “Force Target disk type”
Step 6: Click GO.

Wait the copy process to end. A message will appear when the copy is finished. After that you can close de program.

And now install Windows XP…

Lets install Windows XP. Just follow these steps:
First insert the USB in the computer and get into the BIOS.
Now configure the BIOS to boot from USB memorys first (or hit the key that your computer has in the splash screen to select where to boot from).
Save changes of BIOS and reboot the PC.
You’ll see 2 lines of GRUB to choose from.
The first one is to choose the SO installation.
The second one is for starting the first boot of Windows XP after installing.
So, boot from the USB until Windows XP is totally installed.
Follow the usual installing process of Windows XP.

And Voilá! Windows XP has been installed from your USB key.

And that’s all folks! :)

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How long does a Pendrive last?

This article is just to spread the word about this little study about USB memories (and flash in general) that has given me more confidence on them.

Resuming it says:

It took 90593104 writes for the drive to die. That’s 90.5 million, well beyond my expected 30K.

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